Diane Blumenthal

recently I used a product from the hardware store and it turned my toilets purple/grey. I was freaked out because I’m trying to sell my house and I was afraid i’d have to buy three new toilets. But Howard introduced me to Minox and it turned my toilets back to white. i don’t know what’s in it but it worked when multiple other products only made it worse. thank-you supply central diane

Eddy Simmons

I have been cleaning carpets for over 18 years working with three different companies, during that time I have used many different types of carpet cleaning chemicals but nothing has come close to the chemicals that your company supplies. Before we were using Ecolab and Butcher products here in the resort sure it would clean the carpets but within a week the carpets would look worse. Your Neuta-Clean has solved our problems by leaving no residue so our carpets stay clean and last longer.

My favorite is the Pre-Treat chemical, by using Pre-Treat before the initial cleaning I am able to cut down labor time by almost half. That is a big deal for me since I have over 100,000 sq. ft. of carpet to maintain including restaurants and banquet areas which get a lot of food spills on it. Your spot-b-gone works well between cleaning at getting out the tough spots that we get on a daily basis

We had a rust stain in our business center that has been there for about two years, after trying your Rust Out the rust stain had disappeared in a matter of minutes.

I highly recommend the use of your chemicals we have saved a lot of labor and costs because of your products. Our carpets are cleaner and look better. I also want to mention that you have outstanding customer support you are always here for us when we need you. Thank you.

Leah Sheahan

I just want to thank you again for the fantastic customer service we receive from you at Supply Central! We also appreciate all of the great products you offer! After great success with the Red Stain Remover, we are slowly adding Supply Central products to our supply closet since we know you make the best products!

The Red Stain Remover has been a tremendous help keeping our units looking their best! Even after a professional carpet cleaning came through and cleaned the carpets, we were able to go over and remove a red stain that had been there for who knows how long. It came right up! We have been telling everyone about your product, including the professional carpet cleaning company!

Once again, I want to thank you again for all of your help and look forward to maintaining a great business relationship with you at Supply Central!

Leah Sheahan, Assistant Property Manager

Luis H. Rocha

It has been seven years since we purchased our first Kleenrite Edge machine and I must say, it has been a very effective and efficient machine in our carpet cleaning arsenal. The University of Arizona Custodial Services Unit currently has three truck mount units that clean over 3.5 million square feet of carpet on an annual basis. The addition of 41 Kleenrite Edge machine allows our routine cleaning staff to perform carpet cleaning throughout the year for maintenance as well as restorative if needed.

Kleenrite Edge is a low maintenance machine that provides truck mount quality. In addition, the water heating system, excellent water lift and ease of use is what makes the Edge so practical and really compliments our maintenance schedules. Your carpet care chemicals have proven to be a cost effective way for Custodial Services to provide top notch carpet results. Spot B Gone, along with PH Neutralizer, and Pre-Treat, have proven to be top quality chemicals that allow us to attain our goal of being the “cleanest University in the Nation.”

Thank you for your service and attention to the needs of The University of Arizona Custodial Services unit

Luis H. Rocha – Assistant Director Facilities Management