Luis H. Rocha

It has been seven years since we purchased our first Kleenrite Edge machine and I must say, it has been a very effective and efficient machine in our carpet cleaning arsenal. The University of Arizona Custodial Services Unit currently has three truck mount units that clean over 3.5 million square feet of carpet on an annual basis. The addition of 41 Kleenrite Edge machine allows our routine cleaning staff to perform carpet cleaning throughout the year for maintenance as well as restorative if needed.

Kleenrite Edge is a low maintenance machine that provides truck mount quality. In addition, the water heating system, excellent water lift and ease of use is what makes the Edge so practical and really compliments our maintenance schedules. Your carpet care chemicals have proven to be a cost effective way for Custodial Services to provide top notch carpet results. Spot B Gone, along with PH Neutralizer, and Pre-Treat, have proven to be top quality chemicals that allow us to attain our goal of being the “cleanest University in the Nation.”

Thank you for your service and attention to the needs of The University of Arizona Custodial Services unit

Luis H. Rocha – Assistant Director Facilities Management